About Us

Who We Are

SAM IT Security Services is the face of Cybersecurity for SAM IT Solutions. We are dedicated to increasing Security Integrity in numerous ways.

We provide specialized IT services: Managed Detection & Response, Social Engineering, Penetration and Vulnerability assessments and Presentations.

The Security Services division was born to ensure a secure IT infrastructure and protect our clients’ networks. The department was created to combat minimalist practices that can still leave clients vulnerable and to help them take control of their On-Prem Network and Virtual-Application/Infrastructure’s Security State.

Maintaining our clients’ information privacy is our number one goal. We thus closely monitor their virtual environment to detect and prevent, anomalous events. We provide actionable data on alert, which give our clients that peace of mind needed to run their businesses.

Think of your business as a farm of sorts, and we are here to ensure there are no pests, and if there are, then we provide the pesticides needed to combat the threat.

Mission Statement

Our duty is to render your IT infrastructure impenetrable by threat actors. We inject your IT infrastructure with asset oversight & add our monitoring capabilities to your network, so that we can drive positive changes in your environment, based on real and actionable results.

You can have a good night’s rest with our infrastructure over-watch & security services at your disposal.

Meet the leadership

Mike Curnow

Head of Security Services

Mike has experience in Software Development & Engineering, Network Engineering, Security Engineering & Analysis, SOC Management, Web Application Penetration Testing and Network Vulnerability Testing.

He is passionate about health and exercise, quantitative analysis and loves anything related to Star Trek.

When he’s not working on open source security tools for the public, he can be found either in the gym or at the park with his 2 dogs!

Varun Bindra

Lead Security Analyst

Varun has his masters in Information Systems from Texas A&M University. He has 4.5 years of working experience in IT and have knowledge about Risk Assessment, Vulnerability management, Identity and Access management process, Penetration testing.

He has worked with various IT sectors like Healthcare, Finance and Hospitality industries.

He is also very passionate about Ethical hacking and Penetration testing.

His hobbies are Gyming which keeps his hacker-mind healthy and taking Road Trips!