Welcome to SAM-IT Security Services

Our Security Services Division is dedicated to increasing your Security Integrity in numerous ways. This sect of our company was stood up out of the need to combat minimalist practices that can still leave you vulnerable, and to help you take control of your On-Prem Network and Virtual-Application/Infrastructure's Security State. You need to know whats potentially harmful in your environment, and we can provide that peace of mind that you need to continue running and managing your businesses. 

Think of your Establishment as a perfect Farm of sorts, and we are here to ensure there are no pests, and if there then we provide the pesticides needed to combat the threat.


Through use of our Security Operations Center, we can monitor and detect threats in your environment,  both physical and virtual, and provide actionable insights to harden your security!

Our White-Hat Ethical Hackers attack your environment and network just as a Bad-Actor would. You get insight into what holes you might have, and the assistance to remediate found vulnerabilities.

Your Company's Human-Firewall chain is made up of your employees, and are only as strong as its weakest link. We can identify the weak links, and provide remedial training to increase resistance to phishing attacks and social engineering exploits.



Insights provided by SAM-IT Security SOC Analysts let you know when you have anything anomalous going on in your network. Whether its Malware Downloads, Corporate Privacy Violations and the like, we are your eyes in cyberspace.


Minimize Cyberthreat and downtime for Remediation. Studies show that average US Businesses take approximately 206 days to detect a data breach. Don't become part of that statistic. Our services can not only save effort and money, but also keep your reputation in thepositive.


Seamless Integration into your business means that you don't have to hire pricey security personnel. Rest easy knowing that we have your back!